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Roderick Sang

Jr. Game Developer and Story Teller.


About Me

var passion = "I have plenty of it.";

I am a recent college graduate who is :

  • Teaching himself game development through GameMaker and Unity
  • Creating YouTube videos on the mythology behind the demons of the Shin Megami Tensei video gaming series
  • Have recently started doing pixel art as a hobby. (Surprisingly fun!)
  • Producing a podcast (solo) on video games and the people who play them. 

I am looking for a job that aligns with one of my interests, but until then I create content weekly and look to improve what I make a little more each passing day.


Previous Works


"Frogs and Logs"

A game built in Unity 3D called "Frogs and Logs". I made this by following a course on Treehouse. They've recently added game development courses and also have announced plans to release a VR tech degree.

I found this course really helpful in learning how to:

  • Add audio to game objects and how to adjust their volume correctly.
  • How to build a simple AI that tracks the user's movements.
  • How to serialize variables so that they can be modified from the Unity game editor.

Download and play this short game yourself here!


More Coming Soon

In The Future


I am also working on creating a podcast. Stay tuned for updates on that!